Child Trauma Recovery Projects

The principles of trauma recovery are rooted in love. It is essential to bring healing to the heart, soul, mind and body of those who suffer from the consequences of trauma. Bringing hope through the loving gift of presence to children is the core strategy of child trauma recovery projects. All children of war and violence are vulnerable, with greater vulnerability to those who have lost parents and are displaced. Trauma recovery occurs through creating a safe environment so that children can share their story and receive acceptance that they are loved and not forgotten.

Child trauma recovery training occurs in places where there have been natural disasters and chronic, complex trauma events such as religious persecution, ethnic cleansing, and poverty- based violence. Twelve12:Hope is involved in child trauma recovery projects in the following countries: Burma (Myanmar), Sri Lanka, The Democratic Republic of Congo, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Kenya, and Nigeria. The success of each project is dependent on local partners that recruit, mobilize and support those who receive the training.

Organizational Consultation: Staff Care and Resiliency

Development of best practice standards of care for workers which promote individual and systemic wellness is the goal of Twelve12:Hope when consulting with non-profit organizations. Organizations are responsible for the development and establishment of monitoring practices which mitigate the risk for negative consequences (burnout, compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma) resulting from living in difficult cross cultural settings. Organizations are also responsible for developing practices which train and equip (resilience building, spiritual formation, stress management, transitional coaching, and trauma informed care) their staff members to grow professionally while gaining awareness into how their work is affecting them personally and interpersonally. Staff care programs which establish realistic and achievable margins within a work environment and provide opportunities for growth as a result of exposure to direct and vicarious trauma increase employee satisfaction and decrease unnecessary attrition.

Consultation services rendered by Twelve12:Hope are offered to organizations, such as International Justice Mission (IJM). IJM’s mission is to rescue, prosecute offenders and rehabilitate victims of crimes such as sexual exploitation of children, bonded slavery, violence toward widows and children, and wrongful incarceration.

Counseling, Crisis Response, and Trauma Care Intensives

Counseling - Professional and confidential counseling services are available for individuals of all ages, including couples, families and groups. Those who seek counseling from a Twelve12:Hope professional generally work in settings with higher risk for compassionate fatigue and burnout. It is also common to seek counseling during significant career transitions.

Crisis Response - Critical events such as natural disasters, community violence, and line of duty deaths warrant the need for psychological and spiritual services. Twelve12:Hope professionals are available as first line responders to provide direct intervention and mobilize others to provide psychological first aide and psycho-social support. Larger scale events, such as natural disasters and complex traumatic events, create opportunities to train local volunteers in basic counseling interventions.

Trauma Care Intensives - Trauma care intensives are retreats for leaders and workers who need an opportunity to decompress and gain perspective in their lives. The retreats create a space to examine the issues of faith, work, and relationships in a setting free from distractions. Those with ongoing high exposure to trauma need a safe environment for the purpose of rest, reflection, prayer, solitude, and restoration. The retreats are 3-5 days and occur in a setting that is conducive to healing for our bodies, minds, hearts, and soul.